What size is the container and how much will it hold?
The container is a 90 gallon cart. It will hold approximately 6 to 7 bags of household waste. The container is on casters, so it is easy to get it to the curb and back.

How am I billed for the service?
You will receive a bill quarterly in advance.

What time do I have to have my container at the curb?
Have your container curbside no later than 6:00 a.m. the day of your scheduled service.

How do I place my container at the curb?
Place the container facing the road horizontal to where your mailbox is. Do not place too close to the mailbox.

What happens if First Piedmont misses my pick up?
As soon as you realize your container was missed, please call your local First Piedmont office. We will make every effort to have the truck return the same day. If our truck has left the area then we will make arrangements for a complimentary pick-up the next day we are in your area.

What type of waste cannot be put in the containers?
The following items should not be placed in with your waste container: tires, batteries, liquids, wet paint containers, anti-freeze, dead animals, drums (metal, plastic or fiberboard), hazardous or flammable household items such as insecticides, poisons, tree limbs, brush from yard clippings, wire, fencing, any wood more than 2 feet in size, beds, mattresses, refrigerators, air conditioners, any type of construction debris (sheet rock, shingles) and in North Carolina aluminum cans must be recycled and cannot be placed in the trash.

What if I have hazardous household waste that needs to be removed from my home?
Contact your local County or Municipality. Most offer a household hazardous waste day that gives residences a chance to dispose of these types of materials.

What if I have more trash than fits in my container?
Your weekly service is to pick up waste that is in the container only. We cannot pick up extra trash stacked beside or around the container. Call our office if you would like to order a second container with weekly service.

What if I have bulk debris I need to dispose of, like furniture or mattresses?
Contact your local First Piedmont office. We can assist you with the disposal of bulk debris.

What if my pick-up day falls on a Holiday?
Call your local First Piedmont office for information.