“We’re always looking for ways to improve our community and our operating efficiencies. This project met both objectives. A significant number of our employees live in the area where our 10 CNG trucks operate, so many of us are benefitting from the cleaner air and reduction in noise,” Stump observed. Virginia Clean Cities Executive Director Alleyn Harned, who was on hand for the inaugural fueling, noted that “this is the first in Danville; this is the first in Southside Virginia. It’s a major step forward!”

Located on the City of Danville’s main gas line, First Piedmont’s station was built by Go Natural Gas using Becker compressors furnished by Evergreen.  The gas goes through a dryer then two four-stage compressors each driven by 50 horse-power motors to bring it up to 3600 psi.

According to Corporate Fleet Manager Ken Pruitt, the trucks are equipped with storage of 75-90 gallons of CNG, depending upon the model, which gives them a range of 300-350 miles. Maintenance costs are significantly cheaper versus diesel – less frequent oil changes and less oil used represent the biggest savings. “We opted for Macks and Freightliners for the chassis, with Agility tanks and Cummins Westport engines,” Pruitt added. “They have been very easy to maintain.”

“It’s an exciting time to be in this industry. This is just one example of the rapidly changing landscape; First Piedmont intends to be a leader in navigating that landscape,” Stump added.